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Advanced Networks Inc.

Conceived in 1996, Advanced Networks Inc., started as a small computer repair shop. Servicing local business' in and around the Middlesex NJ area.  First specializing in laser printer repair and building personal computers. Quickly interested in computer networking and other facets of communication, We at Advanced Networks branched out into network operating systems. Novell, Lanman, Windows NT Advanced Server - Current Windows Server version, and Linux were and continues to be a staple of our work.  Cisco routers and firewalls along with many others were also configured and maintained. Slowly our customer base grew through word of mouth and by industry insiders. After more than 20 years experience our staff is well equipped to handle any computer / network issue. From the normal maintenance to emergency repair. To the design and implementation of the most complicated network system.

To Contact us, Please Call. 

732 826 6625


Advanced Networks Inc.

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